Instagram : New Features & Updates

Instagram : New Features & Updates

In 2022, Instagram is still one of the most prominent players on the social media landscape, and for a good reason. As of December 2021, Instagram has reached 2 billion active users worldwide. Instagram never stops growing and developing which means it also regularly introduces new functionalities.
Let’s look at all the nifty features that Instagram has rolled out recently.

Instagram Grid Pinning

The most recent Instagram update allows you to pin your posts to the top of your IG grid.

60-second Instagram Stories (without any cuts)

Instagram is gradually implementing another handy feature. It allows users to upload Instagram Stories for up to 60 seconds long, without the ever-frustrating cuts after every 15 seconds.

2022 Instagram algorithm explained

The Instagram algorithm operation principle has been a total mystery for a long time, and trying to get on top of it was mostly based on guessing and a trial & fail process.

Instagram Reels updates

Instagram is really investing in this new format and is constantly looking to upgrade it, as we could see in July 2021, when the platform decided to double up the Reels’ maximum duration. The new Instagram feature is being regularly updated with even more editing options like the most recent additions: double exposure feature or timer.

Instagram Posts Collabs
Another useful feature is that you can now create joint posts. The post will appear both on your feed and on your collaborator’s profile.

Reels Visual Replies

This feature allows you to reply to comments (given by every follower who comments on your Reels) posts using videos. This feature is yet another great way for creators to engage with their followers by creating content inspired by their activity in the comments section.

Instagram Playback

In 2021 Instagram announced the ‘Playback feature’ that allows users to re-share their best Stories on the occasion of New Year’s Eve. It proved to be a great way for the users to celebrate their favorite moments of the past year.

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