Why Digital Marketing? Importance Of Digital Marketing

Why Digital Marketing? Importance Of Digital Marketing


The biggest question asked by every entrepreneur out there asking is Why Digital?

The question that modified to “Why not Digital?”. Currently, it’s a statement, a strong firm statement “First Digital, Only Digital”. We are going to discuss here “Why Digital Marketing and What are the advantages of Digital Marketing?”.

10 years past, people wouldn’t even have the faintest concept that the foremost outstanding mass media would become obsolete in the future. There would be a lot of correct approaches to showing your advertisement to an audience that you simply would like to see. Instead of bombarding everybody along with your ad, people might not like it, however, you didn’t have an alternative.

But everything has changed. A giant billboard within the middle of an active town is of less value now as a result of people are viewing their valuable phones while they’re on the bus or the other transport.

So, is it not good to show that target groups on their mobile devices instead of displaying it in a very billboard unless you would like everybody to envision it? Isn’t the digital far more viable, efficient, and delightful regarding the budget, concept, and freedom of choice?

Peoples have the interest and freedom to choose to see what they like to see and watch. So we could able to deliver the best which people like to see most.

For them, these won’t be advertisements but helpful content that reach them at the purpose of their needs. An alternative that creates the producer and client happy, a thought that creates digital marketing beautifully.


Traditional v/s Digital

The traditional medium was a significant platform for advertising. It reached out to millions, garnered more attention, and was used by many big companies in the past. It is said to be effective but was it efficient, was it enough? The answer is no and always will be no. There is no point in spending a large chunk for marketing if the content is being viewed by people who have no connection to your product. The content would only be suitable for a general audience.

The traditional medium was a big platform for advertising. It reached millions, garnered additional attention, and was utilized by several massive firms within the past. it’s said to be effective however was it economical, was it enough? The answer is no and always will be no. There is no point in spending a large chunk for marketing if the content is being viewed by people who have no connection to your product. The content would only be suitable for a general audience.

An advertising platform should not be that. It should be narrow, it should be able to reach our audience, and most of all, it should be accurate. Such a concept for targeting advertisement was vague until the digital platform arrived.

From the day, emails were invented, the targeted advertisement was a concept that was refined daily. Collecting details through mails would mostly end up in spam.

Never have anyone thought of revolution big enough to overturn every traditional platform out there. Real-time data transmission has enabled a lot more than advertising. It has given the users a choice to select and see the ads they need to see. It changed everything.


The New World of Digital Marketing

The world out there changing every second filling with content, campaigns, ideas. Everyone is using the platform in the best way possible, and we are here to guide you through them.

The best bet the whole industry is having is on the digital marketing industry, how it helps your growth. There are a lot of possibilities and potential for your business out there.

All you need is the right partner to get you to the top.

The world and platforms of Google are changing every day with more skills required to get a grasp on the platform. There are a lot of platforms out there on Google. Having an Ads Manager is not enough to get you to digital marketing. There comes the most critical element to building up your digital marketing experience.

With all these tools in your hand, everything comes down to one single thing, how to market your product on these platforms. You will need a veteran in this field who will understand your product/service and guide your potential customers to you.

All this comes down to advertising, selecting the demography, understanding your target audience, and presenting them the content. With that said, your potential customer would be in this mere second be bombarded with content on their homepage of Facebook or Instagram. What makes you different from other vendors, why should they choose you, what makes you stand out, are all the real questions you need answers to. We answer that question.



From the traditional days of marketing, advertising was always the content you need to be presented in the most exciting way possible. So, as the product, the content to market these products is also relevant. It should be simple, easy to understand, and emotionally collect with the targeted audience.

Therefore, content marketing in the digital era is significant.

In this competitive era, you cannot do enough with one set of skills. For the required dynamicity in the Digital Marketing world, you need a pool of expertise to create what you deem to be market.


What We Offer

So, you don’t just need a guy; you need a team who are dynamic, with a lot of skill set in various domains who use their skills in the direction you need to accomplish your ideas. That’s what a new-age marketing team would be like, dynamic, experimenting, and bringing in new features every day. You need that partner who can bring the resources you need to the table.

That is what SMART ENOUGH is, one of the best Digital Marketers in the entire south with the biggest pool of inhouse portfolios and external partners—bringing you the dynamicity in the content every day and marketing it extensively in every platform on the internet, reaching every one of you clients. We get you the right-click at the right time.

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